So at first I wasn’t sure

About Castiel. I mean, I see him on my dash all the time and how him and Dean are like the most shipped people ever, and how he’s amazing and everyone wants him to come back or stay or whatever.

Well, I’m not caught up to the series yet, but up until this point, I didn’t find him that great.. I mean, his voice is really deep and he’s super mysterious and he turns up out of nowhere, just standing there in his suit and shit, but I was not yet impressed by his character. To me, he was just there.

Until I watched The Monster at the End of this Book.

"Dean, I can’t help you, but let me make sure you understand why I can’t help you…”

Fucking. Yes.

That moment, and that moment precisely, was when I accepted his character, fully embraced him, and loved him.

Castiel, I approve.